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    • Hustle Like You Mean It Coaching:
      • Getting Started Coaching: For solopreneurs who want to start an online (or offline) business and need guidance on how to get started.
      • Business Productivity Coaching: To balance your personal goals and your business goals. I have two businesses, help huge organization (20,000+ employees) set up their technology infrastructure, and don't work on weekends. If you feel like you're hustling on hamster wheel and getting no where, I can help. I've helped several clients gain clarity, focus, and set up simple systems to become more productive. 
      • Clarity & Confidence Coaching: Not sure which direction you "should" be going in? Feel overwhelmed by your goals (or not sure what they should be)? I can be a thought partner to you and help you zoom out from the daily hustle and bustle to gain clarity and confidence in the direction you're going in, and help you create an action plan for achieving your dreams. 
      • Available virtually as well (i.e. Skype, etc.)
    • Speaking at your Event/Conference/Retreat:
      • Includes visioning and planning before hand, a presentation and speech you'll have tailored to your message and goals.
      • Topics include: Personal Finances You Should Know by Now, Follow your Art & Dreams, and Balancing Your "Clark Kent" Reality with Your "Superman" Dreams. All topics can be tailored to meet your event goals. 
      • Available virtually as well (i.e. Skype, etc.)
    • Get Out of Debt Dance Party (Workshop):
      • An entertaining, educational, and empowering alternative to a boring money workshop. Money-themed playlist, food, and the foundations of personal finance. Attendees leave with a memorable and revealing look at their finances, and with next steps on how to get their money in order. 
      • Available virtually as well (i.e. Skype, etc.)
    • Photography for Businesses: 
      • I'm the Founder and CEO of Looky Looky Pictures, a photography company that specializes in making businesses look great through photography so they can have confidence in their brand and attract more clients/customers.
      • Brand consulting available virtually as well

I'm very flexible, but will only work with you if I can actually help you. And if I can't, I'll try my best to get you a resource that will be helpful to your need. Start by dropping me a line (below) describing what you need help with and any questions you have, and then we'll connect for a quick chat 15-20 minutes. If we're a good fit, then we'll discuss details from there. 

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