4. Income

That's yours truly, working on my side hustle for extra cash.
Cha ching!

"BINGO! You're a winner! You just won a trillion trillion dollars?"

What would you do with all that cash!? No really. What would you do??? Spend it all? Invest it all? Become happier? Unhappier?

As a notorious author once said, with a hot late 90's rap beat:
I don't know what, they want from me
It's like the more money we come across
The more problems we see.
Ah, 1997 was great. But I digress.

Was Mr. B.I.G. on to something? Does mo' money lead to mo' problems?

Spoiler alert: Yes..ish. Yes-ish. (Um, yes I can make up words on my own website.)

WFT?! You may ask. Let me break it down.

1) Mo' Money = Mo' Money. That's all. Money is a vehicle to options. In other words, if you replace the word money with the word options, in almost any sentence, then my point will make sense. 


I wish I had more money options. 
I wish I had all the money options in the world. 
It's like the more money options we come across the more problems we see. 

In other words, going from four ice cream flavors to forty flavors doesn't mean your chances of getting the best flavor option (or combo) increases. It really just means you have more options. That's all.

Until you manage and understand money's purpose -- to give you options -- and your personal values (it's called "personal" finance for a reason) -- the foundation of why you choose the options you do -- then more money will likely continue to equal more problems for you.

Another way to think about this is comparing what you make now to what you made, say last year, or at your high school or summer job. If you feel stressed and confused about your money now (and presuming you make more now than at any other point in the past), then more money isn't the problem. Which takes us to number two...

2) Mo' Clarity = Less Problems. When you get clarity on how to make better decisions, then no amount of money options could sway your foundational values and the clarity you have built in your life -- be they financial decisions or otherwise.

So, clarity on your priorities will help you make decisions about your money now and into the future. 
Because, let's face it, if you get a salary increase this year (which you will because you're a badass of course) -- or when you get that higher paying job next year -- etc, the first thing you'll need to turn to is your priorities to guide you on what do next.

3) Less Problems = Mo' Happiness. Putting a focus on clarity will then lead to you making better choices for yourself (like paying off your credit card debt rather than going on another last minute vacation). 

Here is a post to start you off (and check out the checklist at the bottom too #smallpunintended):

The absolute money basics to think about after you clarify your priorities a bit:
 7 Things You "Should" Know by Now

4) Mo' Happiness = Mo' Money Options. Bottom line: More money options will not make you happier, nor give you clarity on life, nor cradle you as you weep on your dollar-bill covered bed.

Although, financially speaking, more money can lead to more investment opportunities, less debt, and other benefits, you'll need to put that solid foundation in place so that it can lead you there. Only then will you have more money options that lead to better choices for yourself. 

Case in point: 

My before clarity life: Master's degree, unemployed and on my mama's couch, $42,00 in student loans, I did everything I was "suppose" to do, and thought more money would lead to less stress.

My after clarity life: Excited about my thriving art business (like whoa!), making more than I've ever made in my life, living on 50% of my income while saving and investing the rest, take more risks to change my life, and know more focused priorities lead to more happiness. 

To summarize, the choices you make with the money options you have are just a reflection of your life priorities. A change in your priorities (just having read this far is indicative of that) will lead to a change in outcomes. 

Mo' Clarity = Less Problems = Mo' Happiness = Mo' Money Options!

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