6. Debt

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This is a story all about how, my life got flipped turned upside down... {doo do do do - do do}...

Here you are, feeling fresh as a prince of bel-air and BOOM! out of no where you're tumbling faster than the speed of sound down a rabbit hole Alice-in-Wonderland style; totally confused, it's getting darker and darker, and suddenly BAM! You pancake onto a rock solid reality check. 

You can't pay for anything. Your house, your car, you can't keep up with the bills, the IRS is auditing you, and credit card after credit card is calling for their money back. This is no joke. It's EMERGENCY mode. A place that you dug yourself into (or medical bills, a divorce, or life catastrophe heaved you into head first). Breathe. I believe you can get out of this. In the great wisdom of my dear friend Anna (hey girl!), "Strength isn't measured by never falling down, it's measured by how fast you bounce back up when you do." Word sister! 

That said, you'll need a shovel to start filling in the crater in your money life and get yourself on your feet again. I got myself out of $40,000 in student loans, BUUUTTT that was not Emergency mode. Emergency mode is when you truly are at the bottom of your financial well and you can't meet the financial responsibilities you have towards others (the IRS, your mortgage lender, medical bills, etc.) and on top of that you're unemployed. That's emergency mode. 


Time Out. 

If you're in emergency mode. Stop reading here. I don't have a shovel for you, but these guys do. 
If you're not in emergency mode keep going...

Back to our regularly scheduled program. Hit it!

Now you may feel like you're in emergency mode when you have debt. But you may just be in SURVIVAL mode. This is where I was when I didn't know how the F#@k to manage my money. I had no idea what retirement really meant, no emergency savings, didn't pay off my credit cards each month, thought being in debt was bad but didn't realize that having debt with less interest than the inflation rate is actually free money (I know, that last one took me a while to get too). 

Survival mode is the hole you've dug all on your own...often times without a life catastrophe. That means your habits, your choices, your decisions got you in that hole. Wongt wongt wongt. BUT, those can get you out too. By planting a seed to build better money habits and creating a budget peace-of-mind plan your money tree will start to sprout. 

That's what I did when I was totally lost in my debt hole of doom. I read ferociously about personal finance, I calculated and re-calcualted and calculated again to figure out the numbers, I negotiated with my creditors, I dreampt about spreedsheets (really!), and I finally got my shit together. Now that's something I am able to share with you -- a seed of awesomeness.

:::drum roll:::

... or even better...

I'd like to take take minute, just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became the prince princess of a town called Bel-Air my bank account!

Ta da! Everything I know about money management in one sweet seed package:

With the wisdom in that seed I went from $40,000 in student loans, not paying off my credit cards each month, not saving for retirement, zero emergency fund to...

ALIVE mode! My tree has sprouted! Woot woot!
I have no student loan burden, pay off my credit cards each month, put more than the national average towards retirement, and can live off of my emergency fund for at least 5 months. 

(Wow. Stepping back and putting it all in one simple sentences is really flooring.)

Here's a sneak peak...

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I put the Guide To Getting Your $h*t Together with everything I wish someone would've told me when I was in the hamster wheel of debt. Running running running, but feeling like I wasn't going any where (a.k.a. Survival mode). 

I now have stability,  peace of mind, and can sleep at night without dreaming of spreadsheets. I am fully confident and comfortable with my personal finances. Ah...the sweet sweet taste of financial victory...of being financially alive instead of surviving. It's good stuff, and I designed the Guide to Getting Your $h*t Together to help you feel that way too.

Needless to say I'm now slowly gathering water so it grows steadily into a su-weet money tree that can THRIVE for many moons.

You can get there too. Plant a seed for your future.

Student Loan Quick Tips

1. This checklist is a great starting point.
2. Here are some great debt payoff calculators.

Other Debt

Although this site specializes in the annihilation of student loan debt, you may have other debt (credit cards, mortgage, etc.), in which case see these resources.

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and getting on a path to money peace-of-mind.

Here's a preview:


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