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About 3 years ago I felt completely lost when it came to money. I had $42,000 in student loan debt, was unemployed, and had *no* idea where to start. Despite this, I vowed to annihilate that debt within 2.5 years and share it with the world at

Now, 3 years later, debt free, and having the best quarter ever in my photography business, I've learned two key things (here's both advice and action for you):

#1: I shouldn't have given as much of a damn about my loans as I did. 

ADVICE #1: I put WAY too much stress, heartache, and sleepless nights into worrying about my student loans. It was like driving on a slippery road swerving towards a tree. I was focusing on the "tree" -- scarcity -- but should've been focusing on the "road" -- abundance.

So, dozens of personal finance books, numerous courses, and 1 speedy debt journey later, this is the best advice on student loans I've ever read: Why I Simply Don't Give A Damn About my $100k+ in Student Loans.

ACTION #1: So, I think the best thing you can do if you're worried about money is to automate your finances as much as possible, read at least 1 book on the basics, and then shift your focus to abundance so you can stop worrying so much and start moving forward. Here's how I did that: 
The Simple Way to Stop Worrying About Money

#2: Don't make surviving your goal, make THRIVING your goal! 

ADVICE #2: Move on and live for a hunger to strive, create, and live (rather than the famine of scarcity, survival, and debt anxiety -- even while you're feeling lost. Scratch that, *especially* while you're feeling lost!). That said, this will be the last message from Haha Money for the foreseeable future. Instead, I'm shifting my own focus to helping people (especially women - holler ladies!) live a more rich and confident life at You're Already You.

You're Already You is a welcoming and encouraging place for you to not just get over debt and control your money, but to build abundance and confidence so they you can live like you mean it! 

ACTION #2: Join  You're Already Youwhere you will:
  • Be Inspired | By interviews of amazing people like Rene (an Artist + Entrepreneur + Real Estate Investor) who takes the winters off to travel to South America as a photographer. 
  • Be Confident | Through e-courses on how to automate your finances,  how to negotiate a raise, and start a business.
    • Be Playful | Events and workshops Playshops. The first one is January 21st: On Point 2016! designed to help you create achievable and actionable New Year resolutions and actually accomplish them. 
    And more...
    • Dance. There will always be dancing!

    That said, thank you for joining me on this journey towards financial independence. I hope you've found something valuable here and I am sincerely grateful to you. 

    See you at 
    You're Already You!

    Dream big, work hard, dance often,

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