"Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It"

'My good friend died, my relationship ended, my 3 year old company is going to shit. To say I was depressed would be generous.'

Those were the words of a man who inspired me today. In the depths of emptiness and hardship, he found light and hope by making a very simple vow to himself. And I'll emphasize this again -- it was a vow -- not a promise, nor a goal -- a vow. His vow? 'I vow to love myself.'

He wrote it down, and vowed to accomplish it. Every moment thereafter he made every decision, every email, every choice, weighed every option, with that vow in mind.

How would your life be different if you loved yourself first? When someone asked you if you want to go to that party? If you're deciding to return that phone call or email? If you're weighing what vacation you want to go on? How would you decide where your money should go?

How would things be different if you sincerely vowed to love yourself? Your flaws, decisions, vulnerabilities, goals, and you. You. You as you are have everything you need to be at your best. I truly and sincerely believe that about everyone. Really.

Happiness comes down to that. Feel a fire in your belly, a surge in your heart, a feeling in your gut. Feel the enormity of life telling you the thing you already know but try to run away from, or make excuses to keep from yourself.

It's the age old battle: You vs. Yourself. To be or not to be. < --- that is the question. The answer? Love yourself like your life depends on it.

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  1. I agree! Love yourself. And do be kind to yourself. You're your own constant companion. It'll help make life a little easier on you.

  2. So true. We often don't love ourselves and that is when everything is so much harder. Glad he vowed to change.


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