3 Awesome Debt Calculators & Ice Cream

Debt calculators often have a bunch of ads all over the place (and yes, I have seen enough to know...it's Saturday night and I'm writing this. Love this stuff!), only let you plug in one loan/line of credit, and are thus now fun. But these three are pretty much as awesome as eating ice cream...

 3. Snow Cone = Time Value

This one is for you other nerdy cool speed sheet lovers out there. Holler! You can plug in multiple loans/lines of credit and it gives you a schedule for when you'll be done that you can see line by line. (There's another I reviewed from Pine Grove, which is great if you only have just one line of credit/loan.) It also compares different strategies with graphs and charts...again, great for the nerdy cool kids who love that stuff (yours truly!).


2. Two scoops = Unbury.me

This is what I used to pay down my debt. It's super simple. Has the cleanest interface out there; it's just one page. Requires no login, and is basically a spreed sheet with a great interface. Just plug in your numbers and play away. It's flexible so you can run different scenarios like Avalanche (paying highest interest first) vs. Snowball (paying smallest principals first) so you can see what works for you. You can also adjust the numbers on a sliding scale thingy...and who doesn't like those!?

1. Ice Cream Sunday =  Ready for Zero

This is a free web and mobile tool that connects directly to your accounts and updates automatically. It's really fresh and fluid, can sync it with your calendar, and can send you progress reports and digest emails that you can schedule for yourself. Personally, I just want to set up a repayment plan and then automate it (which is why all I needed were two scoops), and dings and emails reminding me of my debt wouldn't have been very encouraging. When I was paying off my debt, I only used to check my balance once a month. Nonetheless, this is a pretty fantastic tool. 

Here's one loan/line of credit example:

It also has adjustable nob sliding thingies. #win

Paying in Full
As a reminder (or news) to you, the above is what happens if I pay my credit card in full this month. I  save myself 3 years and 5 months of debt. 

Paying the Minimum
As a reminder (or news) to you, the above is what happens if I pay my credit card minimum, it would take me 3 years and 5 months + $134.52 extra. #Interest

This is a small example, but imagine what this looks like when it's thousands of dollars.

Use one of these calculators today! Time is ticking! The ice cream is melting!

Also, remember, getting your sh*t together is more than just about managing debt, and debt -- in and of itself (is that how that saying goes?) -- isn't a "bad" thing. You need to understanding interest (which the calculators above will help with), your goals, the "opportunity cost" of paying debt versus doing something else with your money (and time). And that's why I share my money experience in...

BEFORE ... Survival mode :(

At the beginning of my pay off journey I was in Survive mode...$40,000 in student loans, not paying off my credit cards each month, not saving for retirement, zero emergency fund...wongt wongt wongt..

But then I planted a seed...

AFTER ... ALIVE mode! =D

My money tree sprouted through reading ferociously about personal finance, calculating and re-calculating my budget (I had dreams of spreadsheet. really.)! 

And now, I have no student loan burden, pay off my credit cards each month, put more than the national average towards retirement, and can live off of my emergency fund for at least 5 months. 

I put everything I learned into ...

A little bundle of awesome designed to start you on a path to growing your money tree. 
With videos, a checklist, step-by-step lesson on money management and managing money stress happiness. 

Here's a sneak peak...


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