Turning Olives Into a Plane Ticket

I. Love. Olives. I was on a date once and the guy was telling me about how the only food he couldn't stand were olives. Ya...that was the only date we had. You get the picture.

So there I was, in a multi-colored pitted/spicy/vinegary sea of deliciousness at aisle 4, when I started to question how much I'm spending on 2 jars of on of my favorite foods per week (yes, I eat two small jars of them per week).

I typically get little jars that are $1.99 each x 2 jars each week x 52 weeks; where the unit price is $0.3461 per ounce (oz)...

That's $206.96 per year on olives. 

Hmmm...I love olives...but I'm spending almost the price of a plane ticket to Houston (where my best friend lives), or a new pair of glasses, or birthday gifts for family, or anything else that's $200 bucks...on olives. Do I love olives as much as a plane ticket to see my bff in Houston...hmmm?!

I started comparing the unit price (the red rectangle) to better assess my olive splurge. The unit price is per ounce (oz), and found another jar that
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