Your Dreams or Your Debt?

They say that people who win the lottery see a spike in feeling awesome (duh!). 

But then, something happens, the diamonds loose there luster, and just a few weeks-months afterwards, they go back to feeling the same way they did before they won the lottery. If they felt lousy about their life before the lotto, they continue to feel lousy after the lotto.

So, how do I feel to be debt free for 1 month? Awesome? Relieved? Ready for anything?
Nope nope nope.

Exactly. The. Same.

Yours truly at the podium ... looking nervous ... cause I was!
Getting up in a room of ~200 people, and gushing my money insecurities was both nerve racking, and liberating. 

If there's anything I learned from having paid off my loans, it's that it doesn't lead to happiness. 

SUPER cliche with a cherry on top!  

Yes, I know. But did I really think paying off my loans would lead to happiness / relief / joy? ... ya...I sort of did.

Yes, I have more cash to free up...but now I'm just looking for something else to obsess over with the freed-up cash -- a house, so just more debt...WFT? Yes, that's right, it continues. 

But this time, with the peace of mind that I understand the math and (more importantly) my goals (not just my money goals), and can add them all up... my money goals + my time (which we know is worth more than money) + my life goals and can fit them together in a nice package with a bow on top. I got this! Like a present to myself, that I have given myself; I am now equipped to climb money mountains joyously! Without fear of whether I'm doing the right thing, or if I have enough for retirement (or any other time or money worry).

Debt + stressing over it + feeling totally lost = ew!
Debt + Peace of mine = priceless.

You know what feels better than being debt free? Cookies? A new car? Winning the lotto?

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