It's Here. Freedom...kind of.

Here it is. The moment we've all been waiting for {drum roll}...and it's even here early! Eep!

I'm done! It's over. I never have to worry about my student loans again...sort of...

I feel nervous, excited, and accomplished. But, I also know this is just the beginning. Over the past two years I've taught myself so much about financial health that I know this is the the first major step of many, and that there isn't really such a thing as financial "freedom" all on it's own. In other words, you could have all the money in the world, but still want more or still feel like you're missing something. You can give a person experiencing homelessness a sandwich, but material things are finite and run out, and they'll just want more. But you can also give that person compassion, and the courage to inspire them through respect and dignity, thus elevating them to their spirit and bringing forth a higher potential. When the spirit is elevated, nothing can stop it, not struggled, challenges, or even debt. Yep, not even debt.  

Okay okay, I know this is lofty and existential, but what I mean to say is: money is not what will get you "freedom" nor "happiness." It is truly the pursuit of a purpose above and beyond yourself, of helping others manifest their best self, which will give you "freedom" or "happiness"; despite what financial debt you may have. 

Don't get me wrong, this is still a financial blog, but whether I paid off my loans in 10 months or 10 years won't impact my happiness, only my will to pursue and manifest my best self would, and that's what's great about this moment. More so than not having to worry about my loans, is the fact that I set forth a milestone in my life, worked hard and was disciplined in getting there, and reached it (early!). That could have been a professional, personal, or financial milestone, but it's the pursuit and in turn the accomplishment that will set you "free."

What are you pursuing? What are you determined to accomplish in your life? 
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Financial Freedom Party!

I'll be hosting a free webinar on Thursday April 30th, where I'll give you the full scoop on how I paid off my loans, answer any questions you have about how my journey may be similar to yours, and help you gain perspective and a game plan for joining me in debt freedom land! Spots are limited so sign up before it's full. 

But I'll only be sending the full details and invitation through the newsletter so make sure to sign up!

WHAT: Financial Freedom Party!
WHY: Because worrying about how you can making the world a better place should keep you up at night, not worrying about money. 
WHO: If you're totally financially lost, have no idea what compounding interest is, but want to stop denying that you're in debt, then join us!
DATE: Thursday April 30th
TIME: 8:00pm-9:00pm Eastern Time
LOCATION: Sign up to the newsletter for full details and invitations (to be sent 2 weeks prior).

Do you know someone who could be helped by a Financial Freedom Party? Share this with them. They'll appreciate it.

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