Only 2 month away from Financial Freedom!!!!

O.M.G!!!! I'm only 2 months away from killing off my debt and never looking back!

I've spent the past year (and some change) putting 50-60% of my income towards my student loans and can't believe the time is almost here to be free of them (insert unicorns singing a choral hymn and babies on a tight rope!). To illustrate the surrealness of this, I've made so many payments ahead of schedule that my next actual payment isn't due until the year 2020. Ha!


Ugh! But why are you telling me this? How can I get to student loan freedom with you and the unicorn singers and baby tightrope walkers?!

I'm glad you asked! 

I'll be having a free webinar on the day I make my final payment Thursday April 30th, where I'll give you the full scoop on how I paid off my loans, answer any questions you have about how my journey may be similar to yours, and help you gain perspective, freedom, and a game plan for joining me in freedom land! 

But I'll only be sending the full details and invitation through the newsletter so make sure to sign up!

WHAT: Financial Freedom Party!
WHY: Because worrying about how you can making the world a better place should keep you up at night, not worrying about money.
WHO: If you're totally financially lost, have no idea what compounding interest is, but want to stop denying that you're in debt, then join us!
DATE: Thursday April 30th
TIME: 8:00pm-9:00pm Easter Time
LOCATION: Sign up to the newsletter for full details and invitations (to be sent 2 weeks prior).

Do you know someone who could be helped by a Financial Freedom Party? Share this with them. They'll appreciate it.

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