To Tip or Not to Tip?

Pizza is awesome. Getting carry out awesome pizza to enjoy cuddled up at home with is even more awesome. But, tipping when you carry out? Um...I'm not so sure.

I watch a woman tip for her carry out at a pizza place today and was totally puzzled by it. Had she eaten in and sat down, well, okay sure. But to tip when you carry out, or worse yet, when there's a line on the receipt for tipping when you pay at the register -- I don't think so. 

Despite the glares, glances, or pangs of guilt. I'll always tip at least 20% when I dine in and sit, but that's it. 

Besides, tipping in an of itself seems inefficient from the customer perspective anyway (along with taxes). I think bills should just include the tip and tax and round up to a whole number, like in Europe. It makes the entire dining experience much more enjoyable, I think. But that said, I've never been on the other end; working in hospitality/restaurants. There is however, a time where tipping was seen as un-American and legislation was written up to outlaw it (per A Brief History of Tipping by Foodwolf).

What do you think? Do you tip when you order carry out or just order at the register?

And, for our regularly scheduled update...I got a bonus at work that enabled me to make an extra early payment, so I'll be done with my loans a month early (first week of April)!!! 

I'm celebrating with a live google hangout where I'll go through how I paid them off, and answer any of your questions to help those of you still going through your debt annihilation journey. Follow by email (on the top right) to get details. Keep on keep'in on, the relief of debt freedom can be closer than you think. 


  1. Nope, the American way is to tip. To just include tip and not give an option to eliminate, reduce or even increase tip is not conducive to good customer service. I know people who work in the restaurant industry for years and DON'T want tip to be simply included. Common denominator there is that those guys are generally VERY good and will occasionally receive tips in excess of the 18% that is sometimes added by default in some places. I digress... The topic was really about tipping upon take out service. Yup, that's one I've argued against often. The argument for it is that there is someone that is packaging your food and readying it for you to pick it up. But what's the alternative, they give you a ladle fool of rice on your hand??? This is part of what the reastaurant is offering. Food ON A PLATE! No tip on carry-out, I agree there!

  2. I tip when I'm picking up for take out. Normally $2. Kind of a silly little amount but I figure that it makes a difference to the people working in the food service industry.

    1. Thanks for sharing Amy. Also, HUGE congrats on paying off your loans!


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