Why Did You Even Go To School?

If you ever wonder why the great burden of your debt was worth it...this film will remind you of why...and why it's not the best choice:

Watch it.

It's happening. Bam!

Although I'm down stocked to get down to $7k, I've been surprised at how relative it is. I consoled a friend who had $5k when I had $12k, and she was more overwhelmed than I was. The number isn't what actually matters with regards to alleviating the overwhelming burden. It's not the amount of debt that controls the suffocating feeling, it's the plan you have in place to deal with it. If you know the date you'll be done -- or can at least see your progress over time -- that is what will alleviate the burden -- whether you have $3k or $300k.

Make a plan. Write it down. And focus on your happiness
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