How to Vacation While In Debt

In the last 30 days I visited...
Lisbon, Portugal

San Fransisco, California

Rome (and Venice), Italy sorry I'm a little late posting this month.

So, although I'm still in debt...

I'm still able to travel and not incur any additional debt (ie credit card) from traveling. Instead, as I've said before, I made a plan for paying off my debt and saving and have stuck to it. I'm pretty much on auto pilot now. I just set aside as much as I need to travel and don't buy any plane tickets until I have it. 

Some recommendations for frugal traveling:

1. Airbnb - Stay in someone's home, meet locals, get the best travel tips ever and make new friends. WAY better than any hotel I've ever stayed in. 

2. FlightCar -  Rent someone's car while it's in long term parking. Although only in LAX, SFO, BOS and Seattle, it's a wonderful service, easy, and takes the hassle out of traditional car renting. For example, you actually pay the price on the website and it's really inexpensive. 

3. Lyft & Uber - Have someone pick you up in their car instead of using a taxi. I like Lyft personally (the Uber app doesn't seem to work on my phone), and it does everything you wish a cab would do. For example, on the way to the airport it automatically routed the driver to a 2nd passenger who was on the way to the airport. So, instead of having to pay $40 for the entire ride, I paid $20 because the app automatically routed a 2nd passenger that made sense to pick up. Awesome sauce!

And, of course, best of all, is knowing I'm super close to finishing up my dang student loans. The burden felt unbearable once, but now it's just a matter of making a plan and perspective. Going forward, I want to help others make a plan to get out of debt. It's simpler than you think and it's closer than you think. I promise.

That said, How can I help you?

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