Everything You Need To Know About Money. Ever.

I write down my goals.

Well obviously, we know that already. 

Here me out. Every morning I sit and focus on my goals and ask myself "What will I do today to get closer to my goals?" One goal I had was literally:

"Buy a $200k house, with at least 20% down, next November, within 15 minutes of downtown, with a big yard."

Blah blah blah...okay. Pretty much a plain vanilla dream house goal. There was something that felt very empty about the goal. I did some soul searching and finally rewrote it to:

"Build a home full of joy and laughter"

Phew! Much better.

The closer I get to student debt freedom, the more other debts/investments (aka a house!) and financial independence goals (aka retire by 40) start taking over all of my brain space. There's nothing really "wrong" with the goals, but, I let them give me a certain level of anxiety that naughs at my soul like a wolf on a steak.

Wait. Is that greed I feel? Are those anxiety pangs just a greedy green monster setting up shop in my brain?

As an unexpected twist of events would have it...just when I thought it was all about the hockey pokey...well I was wrong.

Debt isn't at all about the greedy soul sucking pangs of anxiety that come with debt burden, it's about opportunity. In other words, buying a house isn't about buying a house, it's about building a loving home.

I tip my hat to he who put it best...here's what it's all about:

Warren Buffet = hero

And, of course, we can't forget the monthly update. Especially because you can butter me up and call me a biscuit, I've passed 50%!!!!!!!!!! 

I even added $10 more per month to my debt nuclearizing scheme...so now I'm paying $1810 rather than $1800. What can I say, I reeeaaalllly want to annihilate this &*%@ debt. 

BUT I'm still making time to do what I love...taking lots of time -- which, as we know is more valuable than money -- to make art. Ahhh...glory.
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