Making Art Making Money & House Shopping

I am currently obsessed with an online class I just took. LOVE IT!

define your mission.

Do you want to sell your art, without selling out?
Join nationally-noted painter Ann Rea for a comprehensive introduction to the sequential process that you’ll need to build a fine art enterprise.
During this course, Ann will be teaching you how to create value above and beyond your art.
You’ll learn how to define your mission and how to create a "Blue Ocean Strategy" that serves a target market and eliminates the competition.
Rather than pursue a "career" within the scarcity and permission-based art establishment, Ann will teach you how to take the reins and build a creative enterprise.

Here's the latest and greatest...on my way to debt freedom!!

In other news...I've been obsessively looking for a house to buy. Yep, that's right, although I'm looking forward to debt freedom, I'm on the verge of acquiring more. But, also acquiring a house! Eep!

I'm looking at a 15-year mortgage because interest rates are much lower so you pay less overall than with a 30-year. Besides, who the &%* wants to be paying a mortgage for 30 - Thirty!? - years. No thanks!

Also, if I divert some of my savings later this month to student loan annihilation, then I may be done with my nasty ass debt 2 months early. We'll see. Stay tuned!
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