The 3 Stages of Wealth & A BIG Milestone

Wealth is exactly like health. Exactly. Like. Health.

Just as in health, you can keep eating cheetoes and steak, never exercise, and keep thinking you won't get high blood pressure. Also known as DENIAL. Which is also the first stage in my theory of wealth.

Stage 1 = Denial = You keep spending like crazy, never save, live paycheck to paycheck, use credit cards, and keep wracking it up until one day, boom!, you're so deep in the whole that you're totally overwhelmed. This is like eating junk food, but not knowing you're sick.

But when that day comes, where you're doctor gives you the news "No more cheetoes or you're gonna keel over", or you can't pay your credit card bill, or your student loan interest slaps you in the face (like it did to yours truly), and you wake up, and realize you're sick.

Stage 2 = Wake up = You finally admit that you're financially sick and need help. You need medicine in the form of financial advice, guidance, or knowledge. Yes, that's what will help you, not more money or less expenses...because after all, you're behavior hasn't changed. To get financially healthy you need to change your behavior not the amount of money in the bank. Keep in mind that financial planners are like the doctors of financial health. It's okay to see a doctor. You want to get better, right? I'd recommend talking to someone at for advice. You know you're sick, and now you're just trying to become healthy.

The good news though, is that one you shed your denial and try to get healthy, you can achieve the healthiest stage of financial health, the coveted financial freedom.

Stage 3 = Financial Freedom = You have everything planned out, your emergency fund is doing great, you have investments, you know your financial goal and you don't ever worry about money. No more paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. Awesomeness. Glory.

I, personally, am on stage 2. I know I'm sick (aka in ungly debt) but am doing everything I can to get health. Including crowdfunding:

I can almost taste Stage 3. This month marks a very important milestone in getting to stage 3. It is the half way point towards my goal of getting rid of my student loan debt by age 30. I turn 29 and have paid down 33% of my debt burden and broke the $20K's. Take that debt burden! Bwahahaha!

Not only that, but I finally started a savings account. And will now be taking bite sized goals one month at a time. Check back on the first Thursday of each month to learn about...

June = opening an emergency fund
July = saving for retirement
August = investing

Those are the goals I have for now, but here are some great reads in the mean time:

"Finding the "Real" Value of Money":

"Automatic Millionaire": That's what I'm reading this month. Check it out at your local library...ya, remember those, you can get books for FREE there :)

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