Oct 2013 Update

Some people live life as if they're going to live 1,000 years. But if you vaporized right now? What would you be leaving behind? What will you have lived for?

The great astrophysicist Stephen Hawking -- one of the greatest minds of our time -- was asked, "What advice do you give your children?" He said:
1. Look up at the stars just as much as the ground beneath your feet.
2. Cherish your work, because work gives life meaning and purpose.
3. Don't take love for granted, it is rare.

Translated into debt zapping lingo this reads: Don't let debt keep you from living the life you want. Turn it into the life you want -- turn problems into opportunities. For example, rather than sulk about not being a full-time artist, I'm getting side gigs that are revving me up to get there:

1. post-production support on a film = $120
2. I've been spending more time on my marketing for my photography and revamped my website last week. A local artist was so impressed that I'm designing his site for him = $300
3. I went to two (free) spoke word/open mic nights this week = priceless
4. I'm working on getting some of my work printed to show at galleries = epic = dream come true
5. I'm enjoying writing about this.

And, best of all, in 18 months, not only will I have more connections, more gigs, more clients, more art, and build more confidence in my work along the way, but I'll also be totally debt free. Voila! Life I want to live is happening, and nothing's gonna hold me down -- not $42k, not $42M. #itshappening

What are you leaving behind? What's motivating you to g.o.o.d.?


Alright, alright...I know, I know...enough with the existential stuff already... let's get down to business. One of my favorite things recently has been LearnVest.com. Here's a must watch video I love from its Founder:

50/30/20 babe, get it! I'm more like 40/50/10 = 40 for living, 50 for financial priority (which I'm sure you can guess what that is - ha!), and 10 for savings. Use LearnVest people! And they have a fab checklist on how to create a debt payoff plan here.

Always remember, no one cares more about your financial health than you. 


Yours truly at an open mic this week along with the poem I wrote and recited that day. Notice the wrapped knee -- yep, I'm still at it. I have 4 more weeks of physical therapy and then I should be all better!

The soft sweet synergy of energy
The action and reaction that is possibility.
The tide of time as it flows through the river of emotion.
This is possibility.

The transient placidity of possibility and courage that is captured in all of singularity.
Singularity -
A point so dense and complex that all 500 billion known galaxies, all of the stars in our universe, and all of us here were compressed in a space so infinitely small that not even light could escape.
You, me, all of our thoughts, all of our love, every wish upon a star, every drop of glacier dew, every idea and thoughts of human experience was smaller than a seed.
That was possibility.

Before time, before space, before light...we were singularity.
But the raw emotion and epic sensation that is pure energy could not be contained or restrained in such an infinitely small space.
Every potential for fear, hope, love, lust, wonder, every mountain top, cloud, horizon, kiss, lips, art, guitar strings, and drum beats exploded in a slow motion serge that ripples still today.
We are an ever expanding cluster of possibility.

The stars and space continue to spill gracefully into a black velvet ballet of luscious – and endless – proximity.
And everything you’ve ever know and loved, bobs to and fro on a blue little marble bubble through the dance of cosmic possibility.

Whether we achieve world peace tomorrow, or create our atomic demise – the world will still turn. The sun will still rise. The cosmos do not care.
Our lives barely an anomaly of chance – the improbable result of a series of perfect mistakes.   
Born from the breath of our universe – still exhaling from our moment of singularity.   

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