Who Needs a (Tree) House?!

After some existential self pity over the woes of renting, running some numbers on how much house I can afford, and checking out the market via zillow.com to find out that there are only two lackluster homes I can afford in my target neighborhood right now, I've decided not to buy a house yet. But not just because all of this first-time homebuyer calculus says I'm not financially ready, but truly because my heart (that's the hippie part of me talking) says I'm not ready. I'm not ready to psychologically scrounge even more of my income into the thought of more debt. 

Let me put it another way, buying a home would mean that I'd go from signing a promissory note for my student loans at age 18, to potentially making my last payment on a house at age 44 at the youngest (assuming a 15 year mortgage). That's 26 years of my life in debt. Ewwwwwww. No thanks America!

The psychological thought of always owing money makes my mind a bit squeamish. It really doesn't have to be this way. Some little primal instinct in the back of my mind just keeps nagging me with a sense of unease. A sense that life can be structured in a different way, where you truly can live within your means, and the bare necessities are enough to pursue happiness (peace and love <<< there's that hippie again).

And yes, I recognize that there is such a thing as good debt, and I'm grateful I was able to go to school on it, but just the thought of living a huge portion of my life on a debt treadmill is just mentally taxing to me. Let's not forget the *personal* part of personal finance. 

Bottom line: I want to step off of the debt burden treadmill; I want to have a little window, even if only one month, where I don't owe anything to anyone -- a bank, a credit card company, my mom, nor my self even (per retirement savings). Mmmm, financial freedom. Yummy yummy. Can't wait!

And besides, paying off my students loans is sort of fun. Writing about the challenge of doing so is fun, and thinking about possibility is fun. (That's the hippie turning problems into opportunities. How cute.)

Also, who needs a house when you can live in a TREE house!? 

credit: miamiwiki.org
Yep, the hippie won! The revolution will be televised, but I won't see it cause this thing probably doesn't get cable. 

When my lease is up in about 7 months, I'm probably going to go live on this urban farm just a few miles north of where I live currently. I've truly always wanted to live on a farm. It's one acre, the owner is super rad, lives on the property, and had a tie-died shirt with a peace sign on it (really - I didn't make that up) when I met him a few weeks ago. He's had the place for decades and is pretty much my idol. The man basically owns a forest. I'm jealous. 

There are several folks living there, they have volleyball on Sunday nights, potluck Thursdays, and a vegan pop-up restaurant once a month (so I'll probably be leaving my 15+ years of vegetarianism for veganism. I became a vegetarian at 13. Who does that?! This place is totally a great fit for me!). Oh ya, and I'll save loads on rent because volunteering on the farm (which I want to do anyway) subsidizes your rent. Cha ching! Hippie genius!

Pix from my visit:

My soon to be neighbor :)

Rumor has it the emu isn't the friendliest. I'mma nick name him Godzilla.
Note: Godzilla was not eating the pig, but I think it wanted to. And then turn to me. Eep!
A mama turkey and her baby turkeys...who will roam freely on Thanksgiving! Love it :)

I'm not entirely sure if I'll live in the tree house (or if it's even a residence), but there are other properties there too. We'll see. Stay tuned!


And for those who aren't down with the farm life, here are some first-time homebuyer resources, which I'm still keeping up on...you know, so I can start my own farm and all. Tee hee.

Mortgage 101

Cheers to YOU!

Hey you! Ya, you. Who else would I be talking to?

Thank you.

Thanks to all 400+ of you...

...in 25 countries around the world...

...and 224 cities in the U.S. ...

...who average 100 page views per day.

Thank you for reading, for zapping away at your own debt, and for keeping me honest.

Cheers to you!

Sept 2013 Update

Woot woot! Slowly but surely I'm getting there! I didn't make as large of a payment this month as I would've liked because of the medical emergency from the last post. But thankfully, I started physical therapy this week and it's going really well.

One wrench in this month's goal is travel. I'm traveling for about 2 weeks this month, and have a budget of $190 during that time. Wish me luck! Here goes!

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