To Gym or Not to Gym

My family's signing up for a gym membership and want me to go in on it. But at $30/month that's 6 days of interest each month (at ~$5/day in interest). Bottom line, is a gym membership worth 6 days of interest?

My answer no. In fact, a gym membership isn't worth any days of interest.

Why? Because running around the block is FREE. Yes, you don't have to go to a gym (at you probably won't go to anyway) to stay in -- nor get into -- shape.

Back in 2010 I lost 20 pounds without a gym membership. Thanks internet! I watched fitness videos by a personal trainer on youtube and counted calories on As you can see (from the graph below) I went from 142 to 122 in about 4 months. I just ran around the block people and ate sensibly.

You can even do the entire Insanity work out without a gym membership because there are video online for FREE. 

Again, FREE.

The only caveat is participating in sports and activities that require specialization or another person. For example, ballroom dancing, scuba diving, fencing, team sports, etc. Those are the only things worth paying for because you can't do them alone otherwise. 

For me, that's martial arts. I did kickboxing and tae kwon do consistently from ages 8 to 23. And have always wanted to pick it back up again. Considering it's about $350-500 per year for a yearly membership to a good martial arts gym, then I'm going to have to add this to my list of deferred items until this post loan apocalypse is over. In the mean time, I'm lacing up those sneakers and hitting the pavement...for free.

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