I Made 5 days on Amazon!

I sold some stuff on Amazon!

lucifer effect (book) = sold for $29

lonley planet (book) = sold for $4

tupac's greatest hits (CD) = sold for $7

2 books and a CD! They came to $37, minus $9 in postage = a net of $28. At about $5 of interest per day, $28 translates to about 5 and a half days of interest...also known as 5 days of my life back! #win

It's time people. If you have stuff you haven't used (nor read) in over a year, it's time to turn it into cash! It's super easy to sell stuff on Amazon. All you have to do is search for the item, and it will come up (Amazon has everything), click on the "Sell on Amazon" button (see fabulous illustration below) and follow the prompts. Every few days I get a day-making-email that tells me something sold. So yes, while I sleep, my junk is turning into cash. #genius

If you're not already selling all that junk you know you aren't using, and you know exactly what pile/box/bag I'm talking about, then remember, the only one stopping you from turning that into a pile/box/bag of cash is you! What are you waiting for?!

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