Bike = $200. Transportation = Priceless.

Before I get into our bike theme for the day, here's a great resource you should check out:

It's a personal finance site with tons of tips and articles. They also have a daily digest email that I've signed up for and online courses. I'll share anything that strikes me. More on that front to come...

Back to the topic/crisis at hand...I need a bike.

The city I live in (Miami, FL) has almost no reliable public transit right now, and having a car is really the way to go. I've gotten by with sharing cars with my mom and sister since I started this debt killing journey because I don't have to commute for work. But having some form of transit to call my own would really be great right now.

So, I'm about to make a hefty purchase on a bike. Although I'm saving thousands on forfeiting a car purchase, I'm still going to drop a few hundred on a bike. And any purchases I make during my little debt annihilation is going to be dang well worth it! It's going to be something that lasts me a LONG time and worth the investment -- as all purchases should be it'd argue. 

I've calculated that I can drop $200 tops on a bike. So I'm going to get the best bike I can for my money. It's also going to be great to just ride around the city. I love biking and had been commuting on entirely on bikes throughout the past 2-3 years. It's awesome. 

And thus, that brings me to the bamboo bike...

It's about $200 and just seems cool because it's made of bamboo. I can order it online and build it myself, also cool. But nonetheless, I'm going to look into some bike collectives here that may be able to steer me (or should I say peddle me - haha!) in the right direction. 

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