Aug. '13 Update: GRRRRRR!!!

                Why does it feel like I've been paying these loans FOREEEEEEVER?! I only really started to aggressively pay them three months ago (when I got a job). So why does it feel like it's more drawn out than ever?! Answer...come on, you know why, right? Yep, you got it: Interest (aka The thing financial nightmares are made of).                    Because of my insane interest, I've paid only barely at 9% of my balance from when I started this blog. At this rate, to reach my goal, I'd have to pay over $1,900/month *plus* interest for the next 20 months. Ain't no body (aka I) got time (nor resources) for that?!
               That's it. It's time time to buckle up and put this thing to rest. My insane rent is a big part of why this is taking so long. But until my lease ends in 9 months, it's time to make some money money money. I have a little side gig that brings in about $100 a month, and my photography business is really picking up. I'll be focusing more on the latter this fall and hope that'll really put a big dent (or giant axe blow) to these financial shackles.
              I'm also going to look into consolidating my loans. I called my lender today for the two bigger loans (the $32k+ ones) and asked how I could get my interest rate down. They laughed in my face...just kidding. They were actually really nice and told me that using auto-pay (which I already use) is the only way to get the interest rate down. But that only shaves off a pathetic .25% and thus leaves me at a suffocating 6.44%. {groan} Soooo, consolidation it is. I'll be calling my other lender, the one with the 1.14% interest rate, next week (I'd do it tomorrow but my job is insanely busy and I'm traveling over the the wedding in Ohio from the last post) to look into my options for consolidation. Stay tuned...and keep up the loan zapping!

p.s. If you're not already following Joe Mihalic's budget clinic series, I suggest you watch it, memorize it, recite it to your dog, tell your mom about it, and watch it again. Here's the first episode to get you started:

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