Home Sweet...Hole in the Ground?!

My fab little apartment.
Hammock > couch because it's cheaper (and cooler!).

Dear Rent, 

We've had a really great run. But I think it may be time for us to part ways. I know we have to be together for the next 9 months, but after that, I think we may need to go our separate ways. It's not you, it's me. I need to not give so much to you, and you just take take take. And now, at $900+, you're taking more than ever! Just 6 months ago, while I was in Chicago, you were only $500. Sigh. I know, this is a tough one for me too. I don't know if I should take the plunge with a mortgage either, but it's definitely in the cards. 

Stay tuned,

p.s. Here are all the cards:

A. Move back to Chicago where rent and the cost of living are *way* less than in Miami. 
Down side = snow + far from fam. boo! Upside = I'd be in Chicago :) 

B. Keep renting in Miami, but get roomies... ugh...when will it ever end!? I've been spoiled from living alone. Roommates do have an upside though...you're never lonely, and it's cheaper! 

C. Buy a place in Miami. This is what I'd be doing with my hard earned dough if it weren't going to my loans. I have to really think about this one -- both with my head and my heart -- to see what makes the most sense in the long term. I've officially been in debt since I was 18 (when I entered college) and will be through age 30 (when I plan to eradicate my student loans), that's 12 years - the span of primary school (minus Kindergarten). Ugh. And the thought of incurring more debt to extend that from 12 years to potentially 27 years (if I get a 15 year mortgage) may feel a little like I'd be tripping over my own untied shoe laces just a few steps before the marathon finish line...and then getting up to find out that I just ran a marathon and need to run like 10 more right away. Come on? Do I really want to run like a million miles like that... :/ Breathe. This'll get it's own post. For sure. 

D. Live on a farm. Yes, I said it. And what? I'm set to volunteer at one this weekend and can't wait (eep!). My best friend from college did this in spurts all around the world for years after college, and after planting a ton of stuff on my balcony jungle, it's just totally awesome to nurture seeds to maturity. It's the closest thing to magic that I've ever experienced. The awe and joy of tending to a plant is wondrous. I love it.  And besides, I've always wanted to live in a ballroom/farm/communal living situation anyway, so why not? 

E. Live at home. :::sound of screeching tires::: The wha?! I'd rather live on a farm. 

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