Twinkle twinkle little strapped bank account,
How I wonder about the things you'd be getting,
If you didn't go towards my loans....

Wish I may, wish I might,
The things on my wishlist,
Are about two years in sight....

House = $40,000 down payment 

Here's the view from the condo that I'd be saving up for if I didn't have loans.

Car = $500/month for 3 years. That includes insurance.

Here's the car I'd be leasing if I didn't have loans.

Squirt = $300

The pet jelly fish I'd like to have, and I would name Squirt, if I didn't have loans.

Meh...it's a rather short list. And really, I don't think I'd actually buy a place. Property is still too much of a commitment/burden it seems, and I would like to put more towards retirement and passive income investments before buying anyway.

I also am going through a boycott of cars phase, and really just want a bike. I feel about biking the way ninja turtle feel about pizza. #throwbackthursday It's really the best way to commute. It's like a live video game. But since I don't commute within the city (just up the east coast - ha!) for work, then no bike...wongt wongt wongt. I'm just sharing cars with my mom and sister til these student loans blow over. I only use a car about once a week, and sharing with mom and sis also gives me the opportunity to give back to the fam a bit. Definite win.

So really, it's just a jelly fish. I even have a name for it - Squirt! How cute is that! Awww. Maybe that'll be my b-day present to myself on the big three-oh. I want a jelly fish :/ #firstworldproblem <<<statements like this are when I know I'm a yuppie.

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