Ugh x_X

It's Saturday and I have to work about 8hrs today because work was insane this week. This sucks. Ok Ani okay, be grateful. Breathe.


It's Saturday, I'm in my wonderful airy beautiful apartment in on my balcony in Miami, and have to do a little catch up work so I can have a peaceful and productive work week. Then I can try out some of the new gear I got! Phew. That's better.

Okay, so I budgeted this photo & film gear in so don't judge too harshly, and it's an investment.

I paid $538 for some photography and film gear for my business. I'm also doing a trade with a graphic designer for a logo! She designs a logo for me, and I do a photo shoot for her! I'm SUPER excited!

These are the first baby steps I'm taking towards getting my business to be more profitable and getting out of debt faster. And, just as importantly (or more so!) fueling my creative passions. Oh just thinking about it revs me up! Onward and upward!

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