June '13 Update: An UnCreative Life is Not Worth Living

I've been working like crazy lately. It's a great job, and I enjoy the work. But it's not enough. I must be creative to feel fulfilled. I must create photographs, film, and writing. Right now, this blog and instagram are my most creative outlets; and are lackluster at best.

I have decided to turn my little debt-pay-off experiment into a film that investigates the aims of education -- both intrinsically and monetarily -- and also document my own experience with paying off my own debt. Stay tuned for more details on that.

Last night I stayed up until 1am. I was more seriously budgeting for the next 2 years. Here's a snapshot of my projection -- in blue (ignore the yellow line - I still have to input a ton of info for that):

In other words, if I pay $1,400 per month, then I should be right on target and be debt free by April of 2015. YEAYYYYY! But that's also assuming my rent doesn't go up, I only spend $50/month on groceries, $100/month on entertainment, and lots of other factors I have to keep tightly budgeted. But it also doesn't account for 2 tax returns nor any extra income over that time. That said, I could pay it off a bit early. But all in all, if I stick to my budget, then I should hit my target.

For those who want a budget template, I used the budget template made by Joe M. at No More Harvard Debt, which can be found here: http://nomoreharvarddebt.com/resources/

But more importantly, yes *more importantly*, is the fact that I need to creatively nourish my life during that time. I need to live a life that is creative, fantastic, engaging, and rich with wonder. The past few years have been just that -- a dynamic escapade of adventures lived in seasons. But I feel like this debt is just kind of halting many of my decisions to continue those adventures because I just want to get rid of it. But it's really just an excuse to not put my work out there for fear of being judged. Bogusness, just bogusness. Get ready world! Ha! :)

During the past 2 months I had the pleasure of meeting/seeing two women (my age!) who live dynamic and rich lives. One is an amazing jazz musician who travels the world singing, and the other is an unapologetic artist and business woman. They are each strong, graceful, vibrant, and creative young woman of color. Can I get a "role models" -- I said, can I get a "role models"!?

Esperanza Spalding

Kat Von D

We have been on this planet for the same amount of time and have very different lives. I have made choices that are different from both of these women. I am proud of the life I have lived. But yet, I see them and am inspired to more freely express my creativity, and thus fully express my truest self -- a process mined with fear and self-doubt. But I believe that I will not live a life worth living until I give myself the courage to be creative, and allow myself (and my work) to be judged.

I leave you with a few things, a quote from Kat Von D...


...my June update -- getting there quickly and surely...

...and an article you should read...

Thanks for reading!

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