Whoa whoa, slow down there!

In the last 2 weeks I started a job (finally!), moved into my first solo apartment, and celebrated my birthday. Phew! Bottom line, sorry I've missed my Thursday updates for 2/3 weeks :( It's 2am and I just had to update!

But I'm back!

Again, to recap:

1. Job: The brand-new, just-opened-the-plastic, fresh-out-the-box job is totally *awesome*! Woo! :::virtual high-five::: It's exactly what I wanted (data analysis), and in a sector I want to be in (public service). I'm also totally trying to give it my all. Especially in the first 90-days. I'm even reading a book called "The First 90 Days"...I know, I'm totally into this. There's nothing like having your self-esteem trashed by going through a hopeless stretch of unemployment to get you appreciating a wonderful new job. So. Sweet. On the first day my boss even had a little goodie bag and note welcoming me to the team. It's amazing. I'll also be traveling a ton (at least once a month to NYC and up the east coast at random times). Racking up the frequent flyers!

In NYC...my new 2nd home. 

2. Apartment: I moved into my first apartment without roommates. It's inexpensive for the neighborhood ($925 in a neighborhood where $1000 would be a steal) but more expensive than if I were to have roomies ($500 if Chicago, $700 if Miami). I'll prob move out after my lease is up in a year. But nonetheless, it's a nice little experiment in pretending to be grown. Remember when you thought all of a sudden on some day in your late twenties/early thirties there'd be a switch you flick and bam! you'd be an adult. You'd have a place, and a job, and hang at coffee shops like on the show Friends...ya, that's a myth. There's no switch, button, nor even a trap door to "adulthood." That's all a fairytale. I met up with a friend in NYC and we were talking about how we feel like the same person we were when we were like 16. We're essentially the same inwardly, but are now just independent and have a ton of student debt to show how we paid for that independence. I mentioned to her how my little cousin (who's 11) wrote a letter to herself that she can't open for 10 years, and we did the same for ourselves. I wrote a congratulatory letter to my 37 year old self (ie. Nice job getting those 3 Oscars!), my friend started with asking herself questions (ie. Where do you live? What are you doing?). I thought our differing approaches were interesting.

Friend and I writing a letter to our 10-years-older selves :)
My apartment :) #too much time on pinterest!

3. Birthday: So I had a little birthday party with 2 friends. It was a triple "21st" birthday. Super cute. I was volunteered to take the left over chocolate cake home and have had chocolate cake for like 7 days straight. Delicious. I will soon be at a family reunion in the Dominican Republic with 13 family members. CRAZY. It's going to be insane. We leave tomorrow. It will totally be nuts. I'm just hoping it all goes smoothly. But I digress. This birthday (#28) marks the "official" start of my g.o.o.d. by 30 goal. $42k in 2 years!! Eep! I'm really excited actually. I can't wait to get my first paycheck and start zapping away my debt. #determined. I'm also toying with the thought of making a film about it. Stay tuned!
Happy 21st (again) birthday! (aka 28th!)

Also, come back next week for my May financial update!

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