So Nice It's Named Twice

ode to rembrant.
I've been going to NYC at least twice a year since I was 12. And I hate it. I actually became nauseous when I rode the subway this week. And I wear out a pair of shoes almost every time I'm there. I got into NYU for grad school but didn't go because the city just isn't for me. 

But I've been going for work all the time (like every other week!) and have to just deal with it. I have a theory now that like 80% of people there are enchanted by life, they are dreamers are feverishly hustling towards something. For the first time in my life, I see why people live there and it's interesting. It's gotten me to think more about place and how people identify with where they live, how people choose their communities, and, of course, how I've chosen mine. 

bling. bling. #timesquare
I'm currently living in a one-bedroom apartment in Miami. It's incredibly lonely. I've always had 2 roommates and it's super fun! At least I live close enough to my sister and my mom to hang out with them. I also don't have a car so share with them. I don't have a car so I can pay off my loans way faster. A car payment is equivalent to my minimum payment for my loans - ugh! But that's not news. 

After my lease is up I'm definitely going to get a cheaper place. I pay $925 now. A car (with insurance and all that jazz) would come to about $500. Sigh. I do love my little apartment though. Even if it can get lonely and is a bit expensive. I love being close to my awesome family, having a hammock in my living room, and my little balcony oasis. 

garden oasis. aka my little paradise.
top right: tomato jungle
center right: baby giant violets
bottom right: 4 day old watermelon

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