May Update 2013

As you can see, what I owe actually increased this month! X_x 
I can thank compounding interest (and a 15 day lag in my first paycheck) for that. Uggggghhh!

Also, in the news this week: under the Bank on Student Loans Fairness Act Senator Elizabeth Warren is currently fighting to get student interest loan rates -- set to got to 6.8% (which $34k of my loans are already at - eep!) -- down to the interest rate of banks (0.75%). I hope this goes through. It would be great! 

Call and write to your Senators folks -- you can email them through these links:

I just wrote to mine:

I am not happy at all about owing more now than a did a month ago. But now I am all the more determined to zap away this bogus suck cost (my student loans!). I am definitely not afraid to face "The Red"-- unlike our friend here:

I think part of the key is to kind of think rich, or focus on abundance rather than debt. Here's part of what I'm talking about; ways the rich think differently from the middle class (from here:

  • Middle class focuses on saving. The wealthy focus on earning.
  • Middle class believes hard work creates wealth. The wealthy believe leverage creates wealth.
  • Middle class believes money is earned through labor. The wealthy believe money is earned through thought.
  • Middle class worries about running out of money. The wealthy think about how to make more money.
  • Middle class operates from a fear based consciousness. The wealthy operate in a consciousness of abundance, freedom, opportunity and possibility.
  • Middle class believes getting rich is outside their control. The wealthy know getting rich is an inside job.
  • Middle class sees money through the eyes of emotion. The wealthy see money through the eyes of logic.
  • Middle class has a lottery mentality about money. The wealthy have an action mentality.
  • Middle class sets their financial expectations low so they’re never disappointed. The wealthy set their financial expectations high and get excited.

Also, I've started reading a personal finance blog called Afford Anything, skimming through a great site about student loan management called SALT,  perusing budget templates at Budgets are Sexy, and will be reading a book that came out this month called Don't Go Back to School

And finally, I leave you with this:

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Happy Student Loan Annihilating and Dream Following!

Sorry for the late and lackluster post. My job has me traveling like whoa so they'll be a bit skim til around July -- once I get into the rhythm of things. But stay tuned!

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