My Life is a Movie & Smooth Sailing

I watched two films on student debt last night. Watch them both here:

circa 2007: "Default: the Student Loan Documentary"

Let this be a lesson in:
A. Compounding Interest: aka the snowball effect...don't let it happen to you!!
B. private student loans: avoid them at all costs

Default: the Student Loan Documentary from Krotala Films on Vimeo.

circa 2011: "Scholarslip: a documentary about the student debt crisis"

Take aways:
A. Consumer protection for student loans don't really exist
B. Eep!


Smooth Sailing

In other news, I'll be in NYC next week for the first week of my new job! Woo hoo! Super excited.

Also, I realized that I'll need to hustle if I want to be out of debt by 30. I turn 28 in less than a month and my prolonged (fun)employment didn't result in the $7k contribution to my loans that I'd hoped for. I'll come up about $17k short by 30. This just means I'll have to make up for it over the next two years.

I'm about to embark on a lot of large expenses (just signed a lease on an apartment, have to get a car and furniture!). But built this into the model and will adjust as expenses get locked down (ie. once I know how much my utilities and car insurance will be). I also need to increase my income. I know I can make more through my photography/film business. So I started promoting a bit more and will do so even more once I'm settled into the new job (~3months).

But there are still a few questions up in the air: How much should I save for retirement, if any at all? Maybe I'll go back to living with roommates in year 2 (when I'm 29). Will I get a raise/promotion my second year on the job (but can't plan for that)? How much do I save going forward for the short term? Blah blah blah...I'll get there. This is actually more fun than daunting. It's pushing me to be more creative, ambitious, and growth oriented towards my business. To paraphrase the artist Robert Brunner, 'A smooth sea does not a skillful sailor make.'

This will not be smooth sailing, but man, am I excited to for this journey!

(Am I being naive? Nonetheless, I'm taking a deep breathe and setting sail.)



I cleaned out my inbox today. I had 5 yesterday and zero emails today. This is the second time ever.
I know... I'm a little OCD... and I love it! tee hee :)

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