JOB!!! YEAY YEAY!!!! (April Update 2013)

My week wasn't crazy, it was cRaaaaaZy!

In the last 48 hours I looked at 3 apartments, applied for one, took 24hrs to decide on a job offer, considered moving across the country to run away/towards my problems, had an existential crisis, didn't go to the gym per aforementioned crisis, was approved for an apartment, accepted a job, signed a year lease, and got over my narcissistic existential crisis. Phew! cRaaaaaZy!

In short, I accepted a job! Finally! It's totally awesome, I'm super excited, and I start April 15th. Woot woot! I also signed a year lease for my first apartment without roommates. Watch out, I'm pretending to be a grown-up! Oh boy. Step back before ya'll hurt yourselves!

I managed to stay under the recommended 30% (after taxes) on rent (and I didn't have to sell any internal organs - go savings!) and can't wait to get setup. I do however cringe a bit at myself for not having roomies and trying to pay down my debt. I know if I really want to do this, then getting roomies would be more economical, but so would living in a tent on a campsite, and having no mode of transportation...but I think my psychological stability depends on at least one year of independent living. I've been living in temporary living situations (with ALL of my possessions fitting in one checked bag -- I know, I'm a packing beast) for 10 years (yep! 10.) and I'm just ready to finally stop and breathe for a second (or a year). After signing the lease I took a deep breathe and my inner hippie thought: "Finally, a place to spread my wings and my soul to rest."

Here's the only lousy picture I took. They're fixing the kitchen and redoing the carpet so it'll be about a week before I move in.

It's a bit difficult to budget because I have so many variable (furniture) and unknown (utilities, car, etc.) expenses. I'm ball parking high and with some buffer to be safe, but as things solidify (and I get a bed!) then I'll be able to better estimate. That'll probably be around early June (after 2-3 paychecks). I'm trying not to get too nervous about my g.o.o.d. goal until then. But at least I paid down 1.21% in my last few months of (fun)employment/freelance income. And now that I'm employed it can only get better...right? right? eep! I hope so!

Nah, I'll be aight. :)

Or will I!? Dun dun dun...Stay tuned!

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