Don't Let Life Randomly Kick...

-Commander Chris Hadfield, ISS Expedition 35.

I sang at an open mic this week. I sang "Proud Mary" like no body's business. :::two snaps and a head roll!::: Under the purple lights,  with a drummer, bass player and guitarist behind me, a mic in hand, and a room of about 50 people watching me 'roll down the river' ...and 'rolling down the river with me'... I felt totally calm, natural, and right. I feel so happy and complete. So unafraid of emotions and sincerity. I have embraced my true passions in earnest. All I want to do is create, sing, paint, write, experience, listen, chant, and read. 

I'm focusing furiously on building the fabric of my life from these endeavors. To never stop wondering, to always stay curious, to believe in creativity and be proud of my imagination, my sense of possibility and my passion for expression and engagement, that is my life at it's fullest. That is my truest self. 

Charging fearlessly and creatively forward through life, 
An Artist (finally.)

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