I have employees...in Asia!

So I'm reading this fab booked called "The 4-Hour Work Week" and there's a great chapter on outsourcing your life. In a nutshell: hire virtual assistants to do your work, and they're really inexpensive if you hire folks in other countries. I started the "outsourcing your life" chapter on Monday and fast forward to today (Thursday! Ha-even before the week is over!) and I received 20+ offers for some simple clerical tasks for my business, and just made two offers: one to a man in India and another in the Philippines. They each did a terrific job. I hope they accept!

In other words, I just outsourced to Asia with a 70% mark up. Cray cray. I can't believe this. It's awesome. Of course I built in about 5 hrs of quality control and a little admin set up on the front end but it took me down from about 45hrs of clerical/admin work to about 7hrs. Yea!

Fingers are still firmly crossed for both a solid full-time job (so I can hustle a bit more calmly, shave off clerical stuff, add more creative work, and of course to g.o.o.d. by 30), and for my little outsourcing experiment to go well! Eep!

Woot woot! :)

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