Now my obsession is _____.

Although I'm getting some interviews, and my business is getting stronger, it's really going much slower than I anticipated. But not as slow as a meal at Jiro's:

The 75-year-old world renowned sushi chef has been making sushi for over 50 years. Making sushi. For 50 years. WTF?! I'll raise a sake glass to that! Cheers Jiro. 

His work ethic and dedication are tremendously admirable. And, needless to say, quite different from my own...and most people I imagine. I bounce around from one vocation to the next, trying to mesh them together. I think it's time to try to focus a bit more.

But even with tremendous focus and dedication to a discipline, my goals is to always remain curious and excited about the world; to always have an obsession that drives my curiosity. But not an obsession like fire that flares up with intense resolve then fades away. But rather, a curiosity that flows steadily like water, like a river, which remains strong and temperate as the forest and seasons change -- keep my curiosity flowing even as my environment changes and never let go of it (i.e. whether I'm looking for work, or filthy rich).

Right now my obsession is music. Over a decade ago I was a pretty good guitar player -- able to play some relatively complex songs (i.e. Green Sleeves) by reading sheet music, but I stopped playing. About a year ago I picked it back up and now it's definitely an obsession. I play whenever I get the chance. I love it. I just need to keep it up.

In sum, now my obsession is playing guitar, like water flows. Album in stores soon (tee hee!).


I (finally) have four interviews lined up, and one I'm playing phone tag with - yeay! For those keeping score at home (in chronological order):

1. community arts nonprofit (full-time - FL)
2. film company (part-time - Virtual)
3. film company (full-time - FL)
4. tv station (full time - FL)
5. education nonprofit (full time - FL)

I have to be honest. I'm leaning towards the part-time virtual one just because my business is growing (per The 4-Hour Work Week - read it!), and because I know I'm not ready to just settle down here. I finally admitted it to myself today: my feet are still restless and want to move a bit more. I'm thinking California for a bit.

Stay tuned...
clouds rolling across California

I have Asia!

So I'm reading this fab booked called "The 4-Hour Work Week" and there's a great chapter on outsourcing your life. In a nutshell: hire virtual assistants to do your work, and they're really inexpensive if you hire folks in other countries. I started the "outsourcing your life" chapter on Monday and fast forward to today (Thursday! Ha-even before the week is over!) and I received 20+ offers for some simple clerical tasks for my business, and just made two offers: one to a man in India and another in the Philippines. They each did a terrific job. I hope they accept!

In other words, I just outsourced to Asia with a 70% mark up. Cray cray. I can't believe this. It's awesome. Of course I built in about 5 hrs of quality control and a little admin set up on the front end but it took me down from about 45hrs of clerical/admin work to about 7hrs. Yea!

Fingers are still firmly crossed for both a solid full-time job (so I can hustle a bit more calmly, shave off clerical stuff, add more creative work, and of course to g.o.o.d. by 30), and for my little outsourcing experiment to go well! Eep!

Woot woot! :)

February 2013 Update!

I've paid down my debt by 0.64%!...Ugh :/ 

Well, considering I'm still looking for full-time work (and living off of freelance film gigs) that's not too bad, also I'm beating my interest. As long as I pay about 10% more than the minimum payment, then I'll definitely beat the interest because all of my loans compound at less than 6%.

But the real news here is that I'm not giving up. I'm totally going to reach my goal. Sisyphus has nothing on me!

I've also applied to more jobs in the last two weeks than ever and I was asked about a job in Philly but I just want to stay home in Florida! Okay, enough updating, I'm off to keep applying! 

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