Job hunting > real hunting

I have $43,000+ in student loan debt. I am determined to get rid of it all by the time I'm 30 (April of 2015). But I have one big problem. I don't have any income! I'm currently not employed but looking for work, and living off of my savings. Once I have a job and income (ha!) I may check my optimism and ambition, but know I'll keep trying to reach my goal.

I've been job hunting now for about 3 months. The job hunt really is as intense as what I imagine real hunting to be like. But last week I had my 6th (!) and final round interview for my top job choice. I found out if I got it early this week! Fingers crossed!

An additional challenge is trying to remain professionally active in a field I love but pays very little (media production, documentary films, and photography), while working in the field I was professionally trained in, and pays more (public policy analysis and nonprofit management).

Don't get me wrong, I love public policy and analyzing policy, but, like many artists, I just need to maintain my creative outlet to stay sane! In other words, I have a photography business and just need to get a few gigs, or some freelance video work, to feel fully alive, and intellectually (right brain) and professionally balanced. However, policy work is truly more important to me because I can have a direct impact on communities, make systems more effective and efficient, and experience policy problems more deeply (left brain).

I'm excited to work towards my g.o.o.d. goals...but first, I gotta keep hunting!

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