Happy G.O.O.D. Year!

As I embark on a new year, my biggest resolution is to make it a g.o.o.d. (get out of debt) one! After seeing numerous friends in their early thirties burdened by debt, I couldn't help but vow that I do not want to feel that way when I'm 30! Thirty, to my nimble and youthful 27-year-old self, seems like a milestone of adulthood. And I'd argue every new decade feels like that to most folks. Many of my friends will be married, own homes, and the proverbial keystone of adulthood, own a piano! Once you own a piano, well, then you're truly settled in my book.

For almost the past ten years (from 18-27) I've wandering joyously throughout the world. I lived in Hawai'i for a year, was an elementary school teacher, and started a photography business, and frankly, just followed my happiness. I did this until recently crossing my metaphorical threshold into adulthood by earning a graduate degree. Getting my Masters was my personal milestone marker onto the highway of "adulthood." And there's nothing like good ol' federal debt to let you know that the unbeaten path you took in the yellow wood lead you right onto America's middle class superhighway! But I must say I did love the ride, and still do.

I've had tremendous experiences, made great friends, created tons of art, and am happy with the decisions I made. But the time has come to face the future and be a responsible adult...aka my grace period's up ya'll!

Right now my only debt is student loans--I don't have a mortgage, car payments, nor credit card debt--because I've been pretty frugal and think I manage my money quite well (i.e. I lived in a Waikiki high-rise for a year and made only $12,000 that year, but had saved for about 2 years in order to do that).

Right now I have $43,000 in loans. Here's the plan:

1/13-4/13 (Age 27) Pay $6k
4/13-4/14 (Age 28) Pay $18.5k
4/14-4/15 (Age 29) Pay $18.5k
April 2015!!! 30! Be debt free!

Here's to the beginning of my first g.o.o.d. year! Wish me luck!

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