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This week I started taking "Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning" offered by UC-Irvine via Coursera. It's only 7 weeks long:

Week One: Where Are You? Where Are You Going? 
Week Two: Taxes
Week Three: Defense -- Insurance 
Week Four: Investing
Week Five: Funding Retirement
Week Six: Doing the Math and Making Reasonable Assumptions 
Week Seven: Estate Planning 

This week I was all about figuring out where you are, and where you're going. Where I'm at: my net worth is negative -$31,000 - eep! Where I'm going: in 2.5 years I plan to make it positive.

There was something in the course that really got me thinking. It was about investing and retirement. I think perhaps I need to evaluate how viable it is for me to invest in paying down my debt sooner, rather than paying it off later and investing in assets that could pay off my debt instead. So, for example, I could save up $40k over the next few years and buy a short sale, and have the rent from that pay off the loans, and at the end I'd have my loans paid off *and* a house. Sounds good right? Ya!

But before I get ahead of myself, I know it's not that easy and straight forward, but I am looking into it and going to weigh my options (aka crunch a ton of numbers, look at properties, do tons of research, read books, take classes, and all that jazz) before I go buying any investment property. In other words, before setting where I'm going to be "loans paid off in 2.5 yrs" I need to see where else I can go.

But first, let's not forget that I still need a job! Ugh! I have a few gigs here and there, but a full-time job would really be sweet. I had an interview yesterday and hear back about another job next week. Fingers crossed like whoa!

Course Information

Course:        "Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning"


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Woo hoo!

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